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Land Of The Spoiled And Coiled

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I love the 4cFoundation's Aloe Setting Spray because it sets on my skin like silk. It's free from harsh chemicals yet designed to immediately protect skin from sun damage and free radicals. I was in the sun for 5 hours that day the temperature was 97 degrees . No worries, My complexion was protected. I cant wait to see the finished results of the lip renewal scrub!
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About Us

4C Foundation began with Nela Mordova and her three friends all having type 4 hair. The Founders began their Strive for quality products after visiting a stylist that said they could do nothing with Mordova's 4c hair. Minutes later they chopped it off. The ladies felt guilty and intensely insulted on their friends behalf. A few admitted they felt some products and stylist were not prepared to manage type 4 hair or diverse skin for the long term. The search for illustrious products continued over the course of 3 years. Mordova re-gained her mane in early 2019 since then shes assisted her friends while growing acquainted with various hair types, shes introduced several coil defining length retention cocktails your hair will be delighted to drink. According to studies Straight curly,kinky or 4 coiled hair types have one major common factor.The need to be protected from improper chemical reactions . Our all natural brews will build you up to embrace the environment and to retain the benefits of life's elements with protection from the harsh consequences. All Natural ingredients are present to create a shied against oily buildup, bacteria molecules, and the sun. Feel free to rely on 4cFoundation and our supplier to offer you and your loves, the most illustrious effective products.
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